To me, less is more. When I look into Ashley and Chris’s taste it’s apparent to me simply by the way they present themselves, that they think so too. Ideas like wellness and minimalism is something that translates seamlessly onto the organic made garments they’ve been putting out recently.When I walked into their small room that was at the corner of the store everything felt deliberate. Anything that was up served a purpose; nothing wasted. The little room’s atmosphere was soothing; from the clothes neatly displayed to the colors tastefully chosen out that made everything feel pleasant. Now that I think about it, kinda like the set up they have at the Brotherhood store (probably not by accident). People that can communicate their vision into something tangible and curate it accordingly is something I’ve always admired.

So when I asked Ashley some questions about the brand it was all just reassurance about some assumption I had made just looking at the garments through my screen. I think, personally, the hardest brands are the ones that actually have something to say and then the clothing comes second. but what the fuck do I know.

anyway thank you for the pics Ashley!!!

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